C. J. Gardens Designs

Why use a garden designer?

  • A garden designer can help you think about all the options for your garden, some of which you may previously have considered and some of which you won’t have.  Garden designers are problem solvers and can transform your garden into a space that suits your requirements, your budget and your lifestyle.  We work with you at all stages of the design to discuss suggested ideas so that the garden suits you. So whether you would like a :
  • - Peaceful retreat
  • - A wildlife garden
  • - A space of entertaining
  • - Somewhere to grow vegetables
  • - A garden that can be viewed from the house when the weather doesn’t encourage you to go outside
  • - A space for the children to play
  • - Colourful planting for year round interest
  • Commissioning a garden designer and using a reputable landscaping company can help you avoid costly mistakes.


What is involved in having my garden designed?

  • Initial consultation

This will be arranged after you contact us so Caroline can meet you, see your garden and discuss your project. She will chat to you about how you use the garden or intend to use it, what you like about your existing garden and what you don’t, and to find out what sorts of ideas and materials you like. There is a small fee for this visit that will be deducted from the design fee should you wish to go ahead with the project.

Following this visit Caroline will write a client brief, and prepare a quote for the design fee.

Garden Survey

Next the garden needs surveying. Although we generally carry out this step ourselves, complex or large gardens may need surveying by a surveyor. This wouldn’t be undertaken without discussion with you first.

Concept Plans

Once the garden has been surveyed Caroline prepares some concept plans and 3d sketches. Sometimes more than one suggested layout is prepared for discussion with yourselves. These are presented along with the 3d sketches and photos to help you envisage how the garden would look. Following these discussions any amendments required are made to the plans.

Final Plans

Once the final concept is agreed the plans are finalised. You will then be presented with a Presentation plan, including 3d images, a setting out plan with dimension details for the landscaper or person who is going to build the garden, and a set of notes giving more details about the proposed garden. Sometimes more detailed construction drawings are required for specific aspects of the garden.


Can you help me choose materials and features for the garden?

Yes we certainly can do that. During the design process we will have discussed materials and features, but it always worth going to some landscape suppliers to view paving and other materials. If you require Caroline is able to take you to view paving and other materials.

Can you help plan the planting?

Caroline is always happy to help with planting! Planting plans can be prepared once the garden has been designed and we know where there are going to be borders and planting areas. Caroline will discuss with you what sorts of plants and colours you like, and then prepare planting plans taking into account this information along with information about the site conditions (soil type, drainage, sun/shade).

I don't want my whole garden re-designed but would just like to improve the planting. Can you help me with this?

Yes, we are more than happy to help you improve the planting in your garden. We would discuss which of your current plants you would like to keep (if possible its always worth trying to keep some of the established plants as this gives your garden a more instant effect), and then discuss the sorts of planting scheme you like and what sorts of plants and colours you like. Caroline then prepares planting plans taking into account this information along with information about the site conditions (soil type, drainage, sun/shade).

Can you supply the plants and plant them?

Once Caroline has prepared planting plans she will get plant costs from the company she uses to supply the plants. Where available she will give you the cost of particular plants at different sizes so you can decide what size plants you would like to buy. Caroline can then either arrange to have the plants delivered to you, and her team plant them for you, or she can supply tthe plants for you to plant (she can 'set them out' for you if you would like to plant them yourselves).

How much does it cost to have my garden designed?

Our design fees will depend on both the complexity of your garden and your requirements, as this impacts how long the design will take to prepare. Fees for a small flat garden start at £600. As soon as there are more complex issues to consider such as slopes then the fee is higher to cover the extra time it takes to consider how the slopes will work etc.

Planting plan fees start at £225 for a garden where just planting is required. For a garden that has been designed by Caroline the fees will depend on the circumstances.

If you live more than 15 miles from Cardiff we may have to charge a travel cost for each visit.

I would just like some general ideas for one aspect of my garden. Can you do this for me?

Yes, Caroline can prepare a mood board. These will be general ideas of different things you could do. Typically Caroline use photos from other projects and things she has seen to illustrate ideas. You may then want to move to a more specific design for the area.

Is there a charge for the initial visit?

Yes there is a small charge for the initial visit. If you then go ahead with the project this is deducted from the fee. If you live further than 15 miles from the office there may be a small extra charge to cover time and petrol costs.